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April 7, 2022

Every spring, we think of improvements we can make to our old bikes. This year, because our focus is on creating great content for our website and YouTube channel, we're going to improve our filming and riding gear.  

We are so excited to start creating fun content like motorcycle riding, RV living, interesting blogs, helpful reviews, ways to support others and most of all, entertaining people.  Dave and I chose a really interesting and life altering way to live. Full time, on the road.  People always ask me how we can live this way and ride so much.  It's our priority to ride everyday, if we can.  Our mental health depends on it!  Through all the ups and downs in life, living in condos or out in the bush, we always know in the spring that the bike's are waiting. They are the perfect stress reliever . Like an old friend you haven't seen in 6 months.  We are looking at cool gear this year...cameras, headsets, new saddlebags, better drones and more. We hope to make sweet content and hope you join us.  We'll review stuff, too

Motorcycle Bloggityblog 

Let's talk about bikes, riding, gear and more!

We like to wrench both bikes ourselves. I have an 04 sportster classic 1200 and Dave's on the 93 fat boy . Sadie currently rides on back of mine but this year I'm grabbing a body pack so she can be strapped to me.  That'll leave room for the new duffel pack on my sissy bar. Hurry up Spring!​

We love those electric bikes too!  

dave and I are really interested in electric bikes and are looking for just the right type for our lifestyle.   dave had the opportunity to test ride one this week and had a blast! A quick blog review coming (so far, we have 2 bike favorites). Similar but not the same as the one's pictured. 

A few years ago, Dav​e and I started our YouTube channel, If Buddha Was a Biker.  We wanted to show off some beginner bike skills, mechanics and really horrible video production (haha).  This year, we're stepping things up, with some new cameras and riding gear. Our hope is to put out some quality content for everybody. We also plan to document a bit about full time RV living and the ups and downs of living on the road.  For the time being, please enjoy a laugh, on us, over at If Buddha Was a Biker on YouTube. ​​​ See ya there!


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