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 My favorite people,

Some new faces 

and what they're up to

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Baari International

Leather Journals

Pinpoint Electric 

Nick Been runs an incredibly tight ship! His crew of professional electricians get any job done and done right! From lighting up mansions to connecting your Tesla unit, Nick can get the job done!

Check him out at

Pinata Smash Cakes



Meet my son, Kelsey Tobin. He's a fantastic photographer and a soon -to-be graduate of Vancouver Film School.  The portfolio link below showcases his finest shots, however, the majority of his work is displayed on Instagram where Kelsey also shows the​ occasional shot before and after editing. He engages his followers with relevant polls and questions to guide his unique workflow. Kelsey's Instagram handle is @tobin_kelsey

Click the title above

to contact Vincenzo

or picture 1 for his Etsy 

Visit Adventure Undaunted on Instagram and Etsy. 

You'll be happy you checked them out.  Some of the most unique cutting/charcuterie boards and raw bark items, all handmade by Vincenzo. Really nice quality. Shop small biz. 

Malone Knives​​

We are just 2 guys making knives in our small home based shop - Neal and Mason. A father and son team who are outdoor enthusiasts and also share a common interest and passion for knives. We are NOT a large manufacturer of knives.

We offer a variety of fixed blade designs and handle almost every aspect of the knife making process. From design to grinding to heat-treat, finishes and sharpening. Each knife is hand crafted by us, one at a time.

Members of the Texas Knifemakers Guild 

Vivid Optometry 

Vivid is an Optometry clinic in Greater Sudbury that sweats the small stuff. A team with a keen eye for details. Located on a main vein in the community (Lasalle Boulevard), Vivid Optometry represents modern eyecare. Our team of Optometrist, opticians, and staff are dedicated to providing exceptional eye care for the whole family. We use advanced techniques to provide comprehensive testing, diagnosis, and treatment options for your individual needs.

Ashley and MayMay

Ashley is not only a great friend (to animals and humans alike) but she can also create a heavenly cuppa coffee.

She's an aspiring talent in the field of all things coffee and baked treats.

If you wanna connect with Ashley and check out her gorgeous ​little business,

Railtown Coffeehouse in Nelson,BC

Her Instagram @railtowncoffeehouse

Lorina and Alisha

Elemar True Beauty 

It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I started to look at the ingredients of the skin care products that were in my home, and that my children were using. As my mom had educated me on the importance of skin health, I also passed to my children. Being a mother, is being a protector. So, it began…I wanted to protect my children from all the harmful chemicals they were putting on their skin and find gentle, safe alternatives, not just alternatives, but result-driven alternatives! 

My friend

Tamara May 

published a cookbook!

Click photo to email Tamara and grab your own Southern Cookin' Cookbook ​

Tamara is such an inspiration. She has created a fantastic cookbook full of amazing recipes, colorful pages and tons of useful information. This cookbook contains a great selection of recipes from  the Creeksquad Family all over Tennessee! I was honored to create some sketches for this book. Thanks Tamara! This lady is busy creating t-shirts and selling vintage from Etsy to Poshmark!

 Check out her YouTube.


Aaron Abke

This is Aaron Abke. He's inspiring and so knowledgeable. He has an amazing selection of videos on YouTube.  It's worth it to get lost in his content. Inspiring, binge- worthy stuff

 on a HUGE variety of topics. 

Tap on Aaron to go over to his site

Meet my friend, Dr. Andrea and Brainshape

Dr. Andrea Wilkinson created BrainShape™, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to brain health and successful aging.

You are unique, and what you need to keep your brain healthy and energized is highly personal. The power to map out your specific journey is in your hands.

Dr. Andrea empowers aging adults to take control of their own lives & teaches them how to elevate their mental + physical vibrancy so they can show up in Phase II.

Callo Metal Art is comprised of husband-wife team, Jesse and Jess. Together they create heirloom adornments with ethically sourced stones a​nd recycled precious metals in their home studio. Each piece is handcrafted with intent to share love. Click above to visit J&J's etsy💗​


My friend George is a metal sculpture in the town of Bangalore,  India. He makes beautiful and unique pieces in many sizes to decorate your interior or exterior.  To contact George check out his Instagram @geometalart

Lexies Orgone

Meet my wonderful friend, Mary. She creates emf protection!

She makes high-end pieces with the highest quality crystals and metals. They are not simply resin art, but include quality crysta​ls and metal ingredients that are layered and compressed in resin to create Orgone energy and transform the negative effects of EMFs to give you EMF and 5G protection in your environment.


Meet Carmen of

*A one-of-a-kind designer of the most 

fun fashion you'll ever see!

I'm Carmen, a one GAL band who runs this groovy lil brand. I do the whole shebang; from designing and making to postage and packaging. All the magic happens right here in my colourful London hub.

Salmo has a new kid on the block! 

So happy to introduce Violet and Tim of Salmo Cannabis. Welcome

Big Bush Company​

Big Bush is a Canadian community-based outdoor gear company. What does that mean? Well, to us it means growing an outdoor brand while constantly receiving feedback from our day one supporters. Two entrepreneurs by the name of Andre the Lapierre and Clifton the Skelliter (adding "the" just makes us sound fancier) joined forces in 2020 to start growing this bush in the wild. This is great stuff. Check them out at

Producer From West London

Inspire & Uplift The People!

Let's Make Art!

Please Feel Free To Contact Me Directly For Exclusives & Bundle Deals! Click left for a sample. 

instagram: @essomakesbeats

email: [email protected]