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We are full time RVers,

living wild and free since 2020!

On the road again

When we first decided to purchase a 5th wheel and truck, we had no idea that 2 years later, we'd be packing everything up and living in it full time. Wow, has it been a fun adventure! We get to camp everyday, any where we like and that won't change anytime soon. We chose this life and don't regret one minute of it. We've met some fantastic new friends, stayed in beautiful locations and we bring our motorcycles along so day excursions are always on the calendar.  We'll post some blogs, reviews and relevant items here that you may need if you decide to live on the road. Hang out with us. Enjoy the journey. 


April 7th, 2022

Eating Right on the Road 

       Just because you live in a fifth wheel, it doesn't mean you eat hotdogs and smores 24/7. On the contrary.  It's absolutely vital to keep yourself healthy no matter where you lay your head at night. When you live in an RV full time, it's no different than maintaining a house.  The first year is a real learning experience.  Space is hard to come by and storage of unnecessary foods or gear in THIS home is illegal as it really affects your zone.😊 

       The things we got rid of prior to moving into the fifth were what I used to think were vital staples.  After year 2 of living light, you're only carrying necessities. I'd buy flour and oats in 50 lbs sacks when I had a huge pantry. Now, maybe a 5 lb flour can fit somewhere in this kitchen. 

       I actually love it. Being accountable for all of our crap can be tiring. Why not just have less?  This spring is our 3rd downsize of useless stuff. We're getting good at it. 

     Back to food. We eat well on the road because we choose to. People always ask me how I make bread or pots of soup. I laugh. I have an oven and a propane stove. Dave and I also like to build outdoor cooking areas with supplies from around us. Our favorite thing is making a mini smoker out of rocks and bricks.  This small space issue means fresh is best and outside cooking is amazing. 

       We have a full size fridge and small freezer that holds 10 days of meat. Not bad. We are buying a small chest freezer this week to hold more meat and butter.  Our 2 Faves. When off grid, you have to think of powering up these devices and backup power is necessary.  We run solar and carry a gas generator everywhere.  

       Make sure to keep ice packs handy for when the fridge needs defrosting (often). I just bought a huge collapsible cooler with zip top. Holds EVERYTHING during a fridge cleaning.  Best thing ever!

       To summarize eating on the road. It really is about you and your choices.  Buy less packaging. Eat fresh and maintain a great diet for a great life. Maybe save the smores for Saturday night around the campfire😉

Honest reviews

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Off grid RV living must- haves

Portable septic tote, collapsible rain barrel,

portable solar panels, top quality grill